Maša Milovac

Having collaborated on a few projects we came to a conclusion that there is a common ground in projects’ approach. However, it is in fact the differences in approaches and mutual effect resulting from individual visions that seem to contribute to collective creativity and, consecutively, design upgrade the most. Every new project has an effect on shaping individual language and personal working method. Yet, in today’s project proposal climate it is almost impossible to test what effects would a reverse procedure generate. That is, what effect would questioning our — to an extent — standardised working methods (both individual and joint) have on a project?

On the island of Madeira, apart from being taken by its nature, we had time to review our working process. Studying its character, differences as well as similarities, we concluded with nine principles which navigate our creative thread throughout the process.

result — series of hand drawings

coauthor — Jan Pavlović

This project was realised as a part of Multimadeira artist residency programme, held at Funchal, Madeira in February 2016. 

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