Maša Milovac

Spatial Marking of Avanti! Center Avant-gardes

In its formative-spatial concept, Avanti! Center Avant-gardes emerged as an amalgam of several creative initiatives. The first step in this layered conceptual framework is the installation Savičenta Portals by the Austrian artist Marko Lulić, which will be placed on the location Mandule (an almond orchard). The work is a three parted installation that can be seen as a form of ‘a spatial drawing’ using simple orthogonal shapes, quoting the Frey House I by the modernist architect Albert Frey, designed for the sunny landscape in Palm Springs, USA in 1939. Thereby, a real work of architecture from the time of the historical avant-garde with Lulić’s act of ‘translation’ is again being actualized in a contemporary manner where it will fully correspond with creative intentions and artistic practice of ‘time travel’ offered by Avanti! Center Avant-gardes. The integral part of the project Savičenta Portals is a video performance by Marko Lulić, entitled Marking the Space, filmed at the location with help of three dancers, Martina Benić, Korana Daić and Ivana Vojnić Vratarić, and a live performance by Alen and Nenad Sinkauz.

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