Maša Milovac

The installation Sliding into the Unknown showcases selected multimedia designs by Croatian visual artist and scenographer Ivan Marušić Klif, most notably in the context of theatre performances from the past few years.

Informed both by his individual artistic practice and by the collective creative dynamics of performing arts, Klif’s theatrical work is about transforming the spatial and temporal frameworks of performance space through the use of layers of digital and analogue imagery. He is not interested in creating a seamless theatrical illusion in which one space mimics another, he makes it an active factor of the performance by shaping it as a vibrant, kinetic extension of the performers’ bodies and actions. By using static and moving video projections, oscilloscopes operated via custom-made software and all sorts of other techniques, he turns the performance space into something like a musical instrument. We are not using this “music” metaphor lightly.

In the theatrical context, Klif mostly acts as an active member of creative collectives, not in the distinctive role of a stage designer. In his work with artists such as Zlatko Burić Kićo, Damir Bartol Indoš & Tanja Vrvilo, Branko Brezovec and Ana Hušman, his approach is based on the synergy with the rest of the team which conceives and stages the performance. Klif operates his technical instruments live, in synchrony with the other performers, like a band member. Collages of all sorts of digital imagery, oscilloscope lights, the performers’ voices, shadows and movement, the textures of physical space — all create a sense of wonder and performances so extremely dense which could at any moment slide into the unknown. Presenting performance design in an exhibition context is always a challenge.

This exhibition addresses that challenge by proposing a “black box” with inner and outer content complementing one another. The screens on the exterior walls present the video interviews and visual documentation on the selected performances, projects and collaborations, specifically addressing the creative processes as well as the role and nature of Klif’s media interventions within them. The installation interior presents an audiovisual spectacle designed from reappropriated multimedia elements from the performances presented on the outside, developing through time, reconfiguring and creating new experiences for the viewer.

Just as all of Klif’s work in the context of theatre performances strictly responds to specific creative tasks and technical givens, this installation finds him, again, adapting them to the new conceptual and physical environment of the PQ. 

Presenting Organization Organised by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia & Croatian Designers Association

Curator Marko Golub & Maša Milovac

Artists Ivan Marušić Klif

Team Installation Concept: Ivan Marušić Klif, Marko Golub, Maša Milovac, Videos for The Love Affair of Fahrija P and DB Indoš & House of Extreme Music Theatre: Ivan Marušić Klif, Videos for Buffet Titanic and A Tale: Ana Hušman & Ivan Marušić Klif, Installation video production: Ivan Marušić Klif, Additional camera for The Love Affair of Fahrija P: Nikola Zelmanović, Additional camera for DB Indoš & House of Extreme Music Theatre: Miran Krčadinac, Video-interviews: Igor Ružić, Video-interviews camera and editing: Miran Krčadinac, Visual communications design: Andro Giunio, Sara Salamon, Sven Sorić, Hrvoje Spudić, Technical team: Ivan Marušić Klif, Davor Perišić, Krešimir Pauk, Installation construction and manufacturing: Krešimir Ivak, Nevenka Đurđek, Aleksandar Lacković, Stipo Grgić, Tomislav Barbarić, Krešimir Pauk, Davor Perišić, Executive production: Marko Golub & Maša Milovac, Co-ordination (Ministry of Culture): Nevena Tudor Perković, Administrative support (HDD): Mirjana Jakušić, Production: Croatian Designers Association

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