Maša Milovac

The Adriatic is rich with sun and seawater. Joining these elements in a stone and glass container offers a possibility of creating one's own stock of salt while on holiday. The container is simply immersed and left in the sun. A few moments later a layer of salt is formed around the glass wall. The process is repeatable thus keeping alive the ritual of producing salt in coastal Croatia.

How to use: Submerge in the sea and fill up with seawater. Take out and leave in the sun until the water evaporates leaving only the salt. Use the obtained fresh salt as desired.

A group of “Out and About” items includes three souvenirs that, each in an innovative and distinctive way, represent Croatia. “Out and About” Collection is an example of contemporary shaped items, technologically and design inspired by authentic Croatian customs, natural beauties and social values. They interpret a well- known narrative on Croatia through everyday items, which represents innovative thinking in the context of souvenir design. Wishing to relive the experienced, the “Out and About” Collection evokes certain atmosphere that can be consolidated by the term "memotions" (metaphor, memory, emotion) awoken by three designed items. 

Designers: Mia Bogovac, Matea Bronić, Dora Đurkesac, Maša Milovac, Kristina Volf

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